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A Scientific Approach To Health, Fitness, And Human Performance

Not Your Ordinary Factory

At Fitness Factory Denton we offer you a unique experience in the world of fitness, due to our innovative approach of prehabilitation (injury prevention) and strength & conditioning.  At any age, you can expect superior results, which come only from applying and following scientifically proven methods, carefully supervised and individually designed with your specific goals in mind.  We would be happy to welcome you to the Fitness Factory Community!

Fitness Factory Community

Committed to a Scientific Approach to Health, Fitness and Human Performance

Athletes / Young Adults

Fitness Factory focuses on improving each athlete's competitive edge through scientifically proven training methods. Our expertise and knowledge allow participants to improve their sports performance, including linear acceleration (speed), change of direction (lateral movement), vertical jump capability, first step explosion, footwork, mobility and flexibility.

Adult Fitness

Achieving a baseline level of fitness can greatly increase quality of life, while also decreasing the risk of injury. As we age, physical fitness becomes a vital part of our daily lives. Over a longer inactive period, muscles atrophy, we lose strength, flexibility, and mobility. Here at Fitness Factory we believe in being proactive rather than reactive.

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Julia Schwaegerl - Founder

    MSc Sports Medicine & Exercise Science

Dallas Mavericks Strength&Conditioning

GAASM Athletic Trainer

NASM Performance Specialist

NASM Agility, Speed & Quickness

NASM Mental Toughness

4D Pro Instructor

ATS University of San Diego

University of Glasgow Basketball Head Coach

Former Professional Athlete-Basketball

              BA in History/Sports Science                Loves Ice Cream

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Kyle Judson

MSc Kinesiology - Emphasis Human Performance

NASM Strength & Conditioning Specialist

USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Sports Performance Intern Stanford

Strength & Conditioning Intern Texas Tech

Functional Movement Screen Level 1

    BS in Sports and Exercise Science      Loves Pizza

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