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Team Fitness Factory

What we think you should know about us

Julia Schwaegerl - Founder

Never having sustained a serious injury while playing professional sports, sparked an interest and curiosity in me at an early age, as to what I might have done differently. My education allowed me to pursue several years of research in the field of Sports Medicine and Sports Science, which equipped me to combine the scientific side with the practical experience of an athlete. I like referring to it as an "artistic science", as I get to create individualized programs that are evidence-based and scientifically proven. Originally from Germany, I found a second home here in Texas and couldn't be more excited about creating a community in Denton that focuses on preventative measurements and is proactive - rather than reactive.

Kyle Judson

Growing up I was never the biggest, fastest, or strongest.  This made me recognize that I have to work harder to achieve the same result as others.  This translates directly to sport and human performance.  Genetics may give an individual an advantage, but proper training and nutrition can bridge that gap.  My passion for sports and performance brought me from Northern California where I was born and raised to Utah for my undergraduate degree and eventually to Texas for graduate school.  I have also had the privledge of working with D1 collegiate athletics and looking forward to sharing what I have learned with anyone who will listen.