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                         NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!!

ONLINE Personal Training - LIVE with a Trainer

LIVE Trainer

Our experienced trainers will guide you through each workout and give feedback. They explain every movement in detail and make sure you do all exercises correctly. (English/German/Spanish available)


FF's strength endurance training is the most efficient method to build lean muscle mass and burn fat as quickly as possible. Our highly efficient functional fitness training enables you to achieve maximum success with minimum time expenditure: just one to two 30-minute workouts per week can get you started


Motivating live trainings, even cool group dynamics and interaction with the trainer ensure that you are motivated in the long term. Training stimuli are set, execution is improved and stamina is supported: You will reach your goals


We offer a variety of bodyweight workouts, as well as individualized programs, for which you do not need any equipment or weights. As an ideal supplement we also offer workouts that you can do with any equipment you might have already availble. This allows you to really train from anywhere

FREE Consultation

Before we start working together, we value getting to know you and your individual goals.

Set up your FREE consult today, in order to get started.

Call: 940-594-8374

Email: [email protected]


Given the current situation not only in the US, but around the world, we want to make sure you have a way of reaching your goals, while also ensuring your and our safety.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Fitness Factory Community and now offer you ONLINE Personal Training.

NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!!

ONLINE Personal Training - LIVE

Get a FREE Consultation PLUS a Movement Analysis



per Month

30-min session/week

FREE Consulatation

$25 Movement Analysis

Customized Plan

1:1 live with a Trainer

Personal Training Bronze



per Month

2 x 30-min session/week

Everything included with Bronze PLUS

Corrective Exercises

FREE Movement Analysis

Personal Training Silver



per Month

1 hour session/week

Everything included with Silver



Personal Nutrition Plan

Personal Training Gold



per Month

Sign up by June 15th for 10% OFF

Learn More

2 x 1 hour session/week

Everything included with Gold


Data Analysis every Month

Full Access to our exercise database

Personal Training Platinum